About us

Imagine accomplishing your goals and making a positive impact on the world as a result. Finding contentment without having to deal with the prejudice of a culture that assumes some people purchase expensive things like vehicles and jewelry with ill-gotten money. Subliminal messages in multimedia convey the idea that illegal money is the root of success. The LM brand provides the concept and mindset that anyone can acquire success through legal earnings. Legal money believes in generational gain and wealth. It is critical to instill in our children that they are the ones who represent Future Legal Money. The inspiration behind LM comes from the need to teach people about personal finance and the many ways one may amass wealth, such as through home ownership and investing in yourself. Legal Money is not just a clothing line we are the movement standing against stereotypes and implicit bias. Supporting "Legal Money" and all that it represents, makes you a part of the change. We intend to reach a global audience of millions with our message.